Our company is a professional manufacturer which produces feather products,having a history of production more then 10 years. Production technology originated from Taiwan, introduced by Mr.Yangjun of our company . Main products have come to more than 100 kinds,now forming a large scale production. The products include Chrismas articles, Easter articles, various kinds of imitation little animals and masks with annual production of 5,000,000 dollars.As to the aspect of quality, pursuing perfect art and first-art quality is our aim and your patronage is solicited.


ADD: 10, Sanxing East Street, Xuzhuang, Diaopu Town, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province

P.C.: 225424

TEL: 86-523-6115789

FAX: 86-523-6112567

E-mail:[email protected]

Contact person: Yang Jun

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